A Message from the President

As a Pla-Mechanism Company,
we continue to provide customers
with new value.

Yasuto Kuroda, President Kuroda Kagaku Co., Ltd.

Yasuto Kuroda

Kuroda Kagaku pursues the potential of plastics, as well as utilizing the characteristics of other materials as appropriate, to create new mechanisms. This is why we call ourselves a “Pla-Mechanism Company.”


We develop and supply numerous products for a wide variety of customers, such as automobile manufacturers and information equipment manufacturers, whose products are continuously evolving.


In addition to our headquarters and factories in Toyama, we have subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam, allowing us to quickly respond to customer needs.


Kuroda Kagaku, a Pla-Mechanism Company, provides assistance for our customers in product development and other projects, leveraging both the plastic technologies that we have accumulated over the past 70 years and our integrated global production systems.

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