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Human Resources Development

Developing Talent with Global Perspectives, Ready to Take on Challenges.

Our Philosophy of Human Resources Development

Developing Individuals Eager to Take on Challenges

Our guiding philosophy is to develop talent with global perspectives, eager to take on challenges, even as we remain based in Toyama. In order to achieve this, we encourage young employees to take on responsibilities, as well as actively giving them opportunities to go abroad on business or to be assigned to overseas posts, allowing us to cultivate individuals who are determined to carve their own paths to find solutions. We also offer a wide range of training programs in addition to our on-the-job training (OJT) system. For example, we provide young employees with a training course consisting of lectures and exercises (“Kuroda Wakate Ikusei Juku”) and foreign language conversation classes, while putting effort into providing all employees with the opportunities to acquire advanced expertise.

A Wide Range of Training Opportunities

We provide a variety of training opportunities including stratified training programs

Kuroda Kagaku provides employees with training programs that match their career stages. Our stratified training programs consist of the following five courses: the new employee training course, the young employee training course (“Kuroda Wakate Ikusei Juku”), the mid-career employee training course, the group leader training course, and the manager training course. Due to the nature of our business, we encourage our employees to take certification tests on plastic molding and mold-related skills. We also actively take advantage of external courses and correspondence courses to help our employees improve their skills in mold design, measurement, quality control, and marketing. In addition, we have worked on small-group improvement activities for many years, encouraging employees to solve immediate problems using quality control (QC) procedures at both domestic and overseas factories. Furthermore, we also provide Chinese and Vietnamese conversation classes, in which young employees who are executive candidates for future overseas location management, and other employees take lessons given by native speakers.


【Education and Training Framework】

Enhanced Young Employee Training

We provide a special training course for young employees called “Kuroda Wakate Ikusei Juku”

“Kuroda Wakate Ikusei Juku” (literally, “Kuroda Young Employee Coaching School”) was started in 2013 for the purpose of enhancing the education of young employees. The company president serves as the school principal, and the students are young employees who have been with the company for up to seven years. This program aims to train young employees so that they will be able to demonstrate leadership and play active roles on the global stage. photoThe substantial curriculum includes lectures, presentation sessions, group work, and visits to other companies. By providing employees other than the enrolled students with the opportunity to join the programs, they play a major role in personnel education. In addition, employees in their first year with the company are guided by their senior colleagues, who help the new employees to smoothly adapt themselves to their workplaces and effectively develop their ability.

Training of Overseas Employees

We bring local employees from overseas subsidiaries to Japan to provide education and training

We actively bring local employees from overseas subsidiaries to Japan to provide education. For a period of three months to three years, these trainees learn Japanese conversation skills, the Japanese way of thinking, the work practices at Kuroda Kagaku, and leadership skills, as well as professional skills.photoCurriculum-based education and clear test methods allow us to increase the effectiveness of their training, and many trainees take active, leading roles at their respective subsidiaries after returning to their home countries. Their committed attitudes make a positive impression on the employees at the mother factory, contributing to the creation of a sense of unity across the Kuroda Kagaku group.

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