Technology・Integrated Production System

Integrated Production System

Centering on plastic molding, we handle all kinds of processes, from project involvement and development support to assembly, shipment, and distribution.

Through our versatile techniques and capability, Kuroda Kagaku handles a wide variety of molding and project involvement processes, from development cooperation to product design, material selection, analysis, prototyping, mold making, and assembly. We also actively work to develop processing methods, as well as to produce processing facilities and testing equipment.

Quality Assurance Project Involvement and Development Support ENVIRONMENT CAE Analysis Product Design Material Selection Molding Mold Production Prototype Fabrication Component Procurement and Assembly Production Engineering Shipment and Distribution

ENVIRONMENTEnvironment Protection Measures

We are guided by the goal of harmonizing with the global natural environment through wholesome business activities, and have acquired ISO14001 certification at all of our locations.

We reduce product weight and minimize runner size using CAE analysis. We also achieve weight reduction through product design (e.g. using plastics in place of metal). In addition, we work to promote the recycling of waste materials (e.g. using compounds made from discarded PET bottles). Our other environmental conservation activities include reducing energy consumption by improving molding methods, reducing CO2 emissions by using electrically driven molding machines, and making efforts toward longer equipment lifespans.


Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance

Quality is built into products through consultation with the customer, starting from the development stage, regarding product shapes, production processes, and other details.

The quality assurance and production departments work closely together to properly manage the four Ms (men, machinery, methods, and materials). The know-how accumulated in the mass production process is incorporated in the product design and process planning processes. The inspection and evaluation processes involve the use of various equipment, including a three-dimensional measuring device, a surface roughness measuring instrument, a contour measuring instrument, a roundness measuring instrument, and a three-dimensional scanner. We also proactively introduce inspection systems that do not rely on manual operation or human senses. All of our locations within Japan and overseas have acquired ISO9001 certification, as well as proceeding with acquisition of IATF16949 certification. All of our overseas subsidiaries feature the same level of quality control systems as in Japan.

Shipment and DistributionShipment and Distribution

We manufacture and deliver products according to customers’ needs.

We strictly adhere to scheduled delivery date for all products. We can also handle items manufactured at overseas locations.

Production EngineeringProduction Technology

We can rapidly and flexibly construct optimal production lines.

Our production engineering teams develop processing methods, fabricate production tools, install processing facilities and testing equipment, and conduct other related work, allowing us to flexibly build production lines and quickly have mass production up and running.

Component Procurement and AssemblyProcurement of Components and Assembly

We can handle complex products composed of numerous parts, while flexibly setting up dedicated production lines.

We can handle complex products comprising more than 200 components, and can procure metal parts and electronic products. We are also flexible when it comes to setting up dedicated production lines.

【Main Assembly Products】

Printer fusers
Terminal blocks
Paper feed units for office automation equipment
Electronic control unit (ECU) cases and other products
Toner units

Prototype FabricationPrototype Manufacturing

We can rapidly produce various prototypes, including models to evaluate appearance, or models with embedded mechanisms.

We make prototypes using various methods, including CAD/CAM-based machining and laser beam cutting. We can produce various prototypes, including models to evaluate appearance, or models with embedded mechanisms.

Mold ProductionMold Making

We make optimal molds in-house, leveraging our cutting-edge mold design techniques and know-how.

We make optimal molds in-house for each production process, leveraging our cutting-edge mold design techniques and accumulated know-how. By using 3D CAD software, integrating 3D data from different processes, and using CAE analysis and our experience in molding processes, we can help your mass production start more rapidly.


We have the technological capability to handle a wide range of materials and molding methods.

With our wide variety of molding technology and equipment, we can handle a wide range of products and materials. We can also mold plastic integrally with other materials, such as metal or glass. We are also constantly working on new molding technologies, including MuCell® microcellular foam injection molding, which is excellent for weight reduction and dimensional stabilization.

【Main Molding Technologies Handled by Kuroda Kagaku】

Sealed molding
MuCell® molding
Insert molding
Float molding
Gas-assist molding
Combinations of different materials and other technologies
Thermosetting molding

Material SelectionMaterials

We can handle a wide variety of plastics, from commodity plastics to super engineering plastics.

We have accumulated a wide range of processing know-how related to engineering plastics, and we are always studying new materials.

【Main Resin Materials Handled by Kuroda Kagaku】

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) resins
Polyethylene terephthalate
Polyphenylene sulfide
Thermosetting resins and other materials

Product DesignDesign

Accumulated mass production know-how is reflected in product design.

We apply our accumulated mass production know-how to product design, allowing us to minimize defects. Using 3D CAD systems, we achieve short lead times in product design.

CAE AnalysisCAE Analysis

We achieve desired performance through high-accuracy simulation techniques and our accumulated know-how.

We make full use of our database to perform high-accuracy simulations for flow analysis, structure analysis, strength calculation, thermal analysis, interference checks, assemblability checks, and other calculations.

Project Involvement and Development SupportParticipation in the Project Support in Development

We join projects from early stages to support their development.

We join our customers’ development projects from the design stage. Taking advantage of our accumulated know-how, we help select materials, design mechanisms and appearances, examine mass production capability, and provide other support and proposals.

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