Technology and Integrated Production System


Meeting Any and All Needs through our Technology and Integrated Production System

Technology and Integrated Production System

Through our versatile techniques and capability, Kuroda Kagaku handles a wide variety of processes, from development cooperation to product design, material selection, analysis, prototyping, mold making, and assembly. We also actively work to develop processing methods, as well as to produce processing facilities and testing equipment.

  • Ensuring accuracy and rigidity under high-temperature conditions
  • Achieving high functionality by uniting different materials
  • Reducing costs by integrating multiple functions
  • Reducing costs through high-cycle, runnerless, burrless molding
Kuroda Kagaku’s Technology

Through our comprehensive technological prowess, supported by the molding technology, mold technology, production technology, measurement & evaluation technology, and quality control that we have developed over many years, Kuroda Kagaku achieves high functionality and quality alongside the ability to provide you with solutions.

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