Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

In order to create new value on a daily basis, contribute to society, be a company whose development is desired by society, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we at Kuroda Kagaku shall act with sound judgment based on the following principles:

Corporate Activities with Integrity

  • Be sure to provide high-quality and reliable products. To this end, bring together the intelligence of many people for quality control and safety management, and act quickly, effectively, and flexibly.
  • Appropriately manage and strictly protect confidential information about our customers, third parties, and our own company.
  • Conform to fair business practices, laws, and regulations, both in Japan and other countries. Endeavor to maintain international peace and safety.

Environmental Friendliness

  • Assist in environmental conservation by continuously working to manage production processes, save energy, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact.
  • Involve all employees in advancing technological innovations with due consideration to environmental sustainability, and in making continuous environmental conservation efforts.

Respect for People

  • Respect the human rights of each and every member of the company, and create lively workplaces free of discrimination. Endeavor to protect privacy.
  • Aim to create workplaces that respect the humanity of each and every member of the company, allowing everyone to exercise autonomy and creativity, work actively and vigorously, and trust each other.

Harmony with Society

  • The company, as a member of society, shall strive to coexist and prosper with the local community by maintaining sound communication and interaction.

Safety and Health

  • Ensure safe and productive environments for all people involved in the company’s activities.