Basic Policy

Kuroda Kagaku Co., Ltd. (hereafter, the “Company”) shall take all necessary measures, such as maintaining a security system, improving the management system, and engaging in thorough employee education, as safety measures for strict management of personal information in order to maintain customers’ personal information in an accurate and up-to-date condition and to prevent unauthorized access to, and/or loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, or other misuse of, personal information.

Proper Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

Upon the acquisition of personal information, the Company shall notify or announce the purpose of use in advance, and collect, use, and provide the personal information properly in accordance with the purpose of use. The Company shall obtain the consent of the individual concerned before collecting, using, or providing their personal information. The Company shall take the necessary safety measures and preventive measures to appropriately manage risks related to personal information, such as loss, leakage, alteration, and unauthorized access.

Ensuring Security

The Company shall provide the necessary education to ensure that all employees are well informed of the Company’s policy on protecting personal information. In order to ensure that personal information is properly protected, the Company shall evaluate and review its efforts as appropriate and shall strive for continuous improvements.

Inquiries from Individuals

When the Company receives an inquiry from a customer about their personal information, or a request for correction, deletion, etc. thereof, the Company shall respond upon confirmation of the individual’s identity.

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Handling of Complaints

The Company shall strive to appropriately and promptly respond to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

Point of Contact for Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Questions and inquiries, or requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, and suspension of use, regarding personal information held by the Company, are accepted at the following contact point.

Administration Department, Kuroda Kagaku Co., Ltd.
37, Gosha, Oyabe-shi, Toyama 932-8520 Japan
TEL:+81 (766) 67-5085