Integrated Production System

With our integrated system for the entire production process, from marketing through production preparation, to production and shipment, we propose new plastic functionality and provide consistent quality.

【Design & Development】

Design & Development

Design and development leveraging our many years of technological know-how

【Process Planning】

Process Planning

Process planning with cross-functional teams (CFTs)

【Mold Production】

Mold Production

Molds produced with finely honed skills and state-of-the-art equipment

【Production Equipment Development】

Production Equipment Development

In-house equipment development with a particular focus on functionality and safety

【Resin Molding】

Resin Molding

A range of molding equipment to process diverse materials into diverse shapes

【Machining & Assembly】

Machining & Assembly

Automated equipment to achieve high quality



Around-the-clock inspection system



Centralized management system for the entire process,from production instructions to shipment