A Message from the President

Kuroda Kagaku was founded in 1946, gambling our future on plastics — a newly developed material. Since then, we have pursued the potential of plastics, creating new functions, to contribute to the development of the key industries of the times.
At present, we are focusing our efforts on, for example, next-generation mobility and smart cities, in hopes of playing a role in supporting the future of humanity through plastics, which continue evolving. We are also working to globalize our operations, with overseas bases in China, Vietnam, and Mexico, in addition to our “mother factory” in Toyama.
With the goal of creating fulfilling workplaces where both the employees and the company can grow, based on relationships of trust, we offer various opportunities to take on challenges as well as educational programs.
We at Kuroda Kagaku hope to continue to create new value, together with our customers, leveraging the knowhow and network that we have developed over the years and powered by the growth and efforts of our employees.

Yasuto Kuroda


Managerial Philosophy

Create new value, and contribute to society.

Fundamental Management Policies

  • Anticipate needs and use intelligence and technology to satisfy customers
  • Create enjoyable and fulfilling workplaces
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility as members of society, and build mutually positive relationships

Action Agenda

  • Try all possibilities with unrestricted thinking
  • Think scientifically
  • Gather the wisdom of many
  • Have global perspectives
  • Be fair and hones